Sebastian Nußbaum

Vice President New Games

I am working as Vice President New Games for Berlin based Wooga where i started 2009 as a Product Lead having released genre defining hit games like Pearl’s Peril and June’s Journey. I am responsible for the creative vision of the company deciding when to start which product into which market. I am setting up new teams and guiding them through concepting, prototyping and production with the right mix of creative and business direction. I strive to empower my teams and create an atmosphere where individuals are given a great deal of responsibility.
Please go to my Linkedin profile for a complete overview.

My passion is not limited to the gaming industry though.

Prior to Wooga, i worked as a creative director, designer and producer for various developers of award winning mobile content, starting my career as a level designer for Game Boy Color in 2000.
I have a deep passion for producing music. New albums are realesed every few years with tracks reaching from dub to latin and ska under the alias mabafu depending on my time and life schedule. I am spending more time right now though on creating an indie game called Goldspace.

I studied at the Bauhaus University Weimar (Media Art & Design).

Biggest financially successes:

  • 2017-today: Creation of June’s Journey. Number one game worldwide in hidden object market.
  • 2013-2020: Creation of Pearl’s Peril. Inventing episodic storytelling in the casual games market.
  • 2008: Creation of Schnuffel. Platin Single, Gold Album, Merchandise, Radio plays, Games

Talks & lectures:

Awards & Nominations:

  • 2021: Leading employer Germany 2021. Exclusively awarded to the country’s top 1%
  • 2018: Pearl’s Peril nominated at Mobile Games Awards as Finalist (Best Game Management & Live Ops)
  • 2017: June’s Journey won ‘Best Web Game of 2017’ on Facebook
  • 2015: Best ranked talk @ F2P Summit at GDC 2015 SF, USA
  • 2015: Tabby Awards 2015, Agent Alice is “Best iPad game” in category “Adventure”
  • 2014: Pearl’s Peril nominated at Develop Awards 2014 as Finalist
  • 2008: Platin Single (Schnuffel – Kuschel Song)

Games which left behind a lasting good impression on me:

Top5 digital games:

Top board games:

All time digital favorites:

No brainers i like:

  • Civilization Series (PC + Amiga 500):
  • Command & Conquer Series (PC): The reason i bought a PC and started playing multiplayer
  • Deus Ex Series (PC): Amazing freedom of choice with a super deep game world and story
  • Devision 2: Very nice worldbuilding and shooting mechanic.
  • Dishonored Series (PC): Has a really unique game world and reminded my of the first Deus Ex.
  • Fallout Series (PC): I love the setting, art work and freedom of choice in these games.
  • Grand Theft Auto Series (PC + Nintendo DS): Just a great game series.
  • Halflife Series (PC): Just a great game series.
  • Wichter 3: Reminded me a lot of “Das Scharze Auge: Schicksalsklinge” but is also just a great game.