Almost best talk of GDC 2015 :)

July 27, 2015 at 5:52 pm / by

IMG_3896My talk from GDC 2015 this year got uploaded.
Watch the video!

Best news:
It got rated one of the best talks of the whole conference:
Session Ranking within F2P Summit : your session is ranked 1 of 22
Session Ranking within GDC 2015 Summits: your session ranked 2 of 133

Some comments:
‘Best of the conference thus far!~~Love the willingness to share and optimism about storytelling ~~Most focused, specific and instructive talk of day 1 for me.~~Great~~GREAT talk, very clear, very hands on, very infromative. Adam T in particular was fantastic. ~~Great insights~~As always, wooga deliver real valuable information. Well prepared. Must come back~~Clear and fun.~~Great presentation~~Great postmortem on Wooga’s early project evaluation process, and on Pearl’s Peril. Really love how much stuff Wooga is willing to share.~~Good overall knowledge and nice examples.~~Best session so far, well illustrated…for which, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~Great stuff, picked up a few good ideas to take back with me.~~Great talks on f2p game development. A lot of the content of the first talk made me think, “Yes, I agree with all of this, but I never sat down to articulate my thoughts clearly, so this presentation is helping to lend form to them.” The second presentation got me excited about storytelling in f2p games, which is generally thought of as a bad idea.



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