mabafu – añoranza tropical

August 12, 2008 at 12:44 pm / by

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One of the darkest albums that i produced with a huge influence of beats.

Written & produced by mabafu. Co-produced and mixed by comixxx.
Lyrics written by voice artists except text for Joe B. Hard (written by mabafu).

Voice atrists:
  • Alena Sola (sun junkie, lovers quarrel)
  • Tony Watson (we keep you bouncin’, she is hot, cumbia aleman)
  • Ifm (in love with summer, time for trouble, feel the truth)
  • Joe B. Hard (why do you cry tonight, sun junkie, feel the truth)
Guest musicians:
  • Comixxx (scratches on good morning sunshine)
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  1. Sandhu P says:

    Excellent work Mr. Nubbaum. Beautiful albbum!!!


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