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I am very proud to announce another mabafu release today! It is called “Little Boy”!
The release is on Mike Gregoire’s bloc sonic netlabel.

He already published the mabafu track “working girls” back in 7/2007 on netBloc Volume 7.

“Little Boy” is special in many ways. Its called “Little Boy” because i went through a lot of changes while producing it. There is a strong ska influence but also Berlin left its marks. Especially “Bersarinplatz” is inspired by the view from the roofs of Petersburger Straße towards Frankfurter Tor. This song is dedicated to the neighbours from Number 69.
This is the most professional produced mabafu album … the next album will be very different though.

All of the tracks but one have been voiced by the wonderful Alena Sola who’s main project is a Berlin based band called Daimons.
Knixx signs on “Oblivion”.

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  1. Changes (featuring Alena Sola)
  2. Danger in dependency (featuring Alena Sola)
  3. Oblivion (featuring Knixx)
  4. So much more (featuring Alena Sola)
  5. All i need (featuring Alena Sola)
  6. Bersarinplatz
Voice atrists:
  • Elena Sola (Changes, Danger in dependency, So much more, All i need)
  • Knixx (Oblivion)

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  1. Vaddä says:

    Siss iss ächt stramm music, Ei leik it such much!

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