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There have been two major situations in my life when it comes to discovering a software which has a huge impact on my life. One has been Macromedia Flash (1999). Flash was the tool which allowed me to realize the ideas i had and still have. I am using this software ever since.The second is Stencyl. I found it 3 month ago.

Try it out for:

  • Build simple Jump n Run or puzzle games
  • Create prototypes for games

Its the wrong choice if you are looking for 3D or lightning effects. Its using an “actionscript”-like system with a very visual and modular approach. You should have an understanding of how scripting works but its very intuitive.

Example: A player picks up a weapon

  • This so called “behaviour” would be attached to the players sprite
  • The module and the “if”-function says basically: “When the player collides with the object “Weapon1″…”
  • “…than play a sound”
  • “…set PickeupWeapon1 to true” (which is a global attribute and tells the game that the player picked up the weapon)
  • “…set Weapon1Active to true” (which tells the game that the weapon will be activacted right after picking it up)
  • “…than kill the wepaon with which the player collided” (which is the weapon logo on the floor infront of the player – it needs to be killed because a weapon sprite in the hands of the player will be created in another bahaviour triggered by “Weapon1Active to true”


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