Pearl’s Peril is Wooga’s fastest-growing game to date

May 14, 2013 at 3:39 pm / by

I am very happy that Pearl’s Peril reached one million daily active users (DAU) in 24 days which makes it Wooga’s fastest-growing game to date. You might ask yourself…what the hell is a DAU?

DAU is an index of popularity of a game or app because it shows how much players played on a specific day.
It’s one of the key metrics determining the popularity and potential of a social game.
We had 1.404.822 DAU yesterday on an increasing level.

Read the full article here.

Please check out Victor van Schagen’s blog if you want to look behind the scenes of Pearl’s Peril.
He is one of the senior artists realizing the game and you will find a lot of renders from the game on his blog.

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