June’s Journey – a hidden object game

  • June's Journey

  • Take a break from the stresses of life

  • Beautiful hand drawn scenes with a cast of glamorous characters

  • Dive into the mystery

  • Make the right choices

  • Uncover the truth

June’s Journey is the next evolutionary step of the Pearl’s Peril vision. It’s not a direct successor though. The game takes place in a different time with different character and is not connected to Pearl’s Peril. The overall feeling and soul is very similar though. We tried to bring the game idea towards the next level and push every aspect of it. Look&feel, storytelling, complexity, usability and many more aspects. The team consists of ex-Pearl’s Peril team members mixed with a fantastic new additions. Check out for example Astrid’s blog show casing some of the locations and how they are made.

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Discover June’s Journey, the brand new hidden object game from the makers of Pearl’s Peril, the hit hidden object game. Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles in beautiful scenes to draw you right into the heart of the mystery!
Surprises at every turn, beautiful hand drawn scenes, and a cast of glamorous characters await you in a globetrotting story game. From the heart of 1920s America to the perfect style of Paris and beyond, enjoy a story game like you’ve never seen before. With every new chapter of June’s Journey, you’ll sink into a world of thrilling mystery and outrageous crime drama in a hidden object game to take you around the world. Take a break from the stresses of life, and dive into a mystery game like no other.


June's Journey is an all-new Hidden Object Game for iPhone, iPad and Android from the core team of Pearl's Peril




  • Creative Lead
  • Studio Head
  • Setting up the vision