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Schnuffel  has been very successful across the world. My biggest success so far.

  • 7 weeks number one in the german popcharts (platin and gold)
  • Turned into full brand with a ton of digital and physical products
  • Translations in 16 languages
  • Franchise still selling today


SnchartsI created a lot very succesful products in my career so far but this one has been a very special one. It generated hundreds of millions of profit and created a lot of weird situations itself. For example:
A CEO of a German clinic called me one night and asked me if i was the person who invented Schnuffel. First i thought this was a joke.
I responded that i would like to know why she would like to know that (a lot people hated Schuffel as it polarized a lot and where sending me weird messages at that time).
She told me that the head of the clinics psychiatrie was telling around that he had invented Schnuffel. He would talk very week about how he came up with new products and features he invented and produced.
I told her that this could not be possible because i was the person responsible for Schnuffel and suggested that she should have a long and detailed chat with the employee.


2D - 3D character, ringtone, videostar, CD album, game, toy, radio play, name it. 30 people worked for months on that under my lead and vision. The most successful and craziest project i have realized.




  • Initial idea
  • Full concept
  • Character development & 3D supervisor
  • Text and biography writer
  • Art direction
  • Product owner and management
  • Song production briefing and guidance
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