Space Pirate

Space Pirate is a story driven exploration crawler in space which i started fully working on 2017. I started working on the engine and prototype already in 2014. Your goal is to solve mysteries, puzzle and fight your way through infested stations and find out about the fate of humanity.

I teamed up with Hershall Cook in 2017 to implement an exciting story which is the framework for the level design. Hershall describes himself as “a writer, game designer, and generally weird person from Milwaukee, WI” and is a fantastic person to work with. Check out his Twitter to follow his other projects.

The project will hopefully release end of this year and there is a high chance that it will be renamed.

Check out the dev log:

Background story:
By the year 3050, humanity depleted Earth’s natural resources. Hardscrabble soil led to famine, and elevated regions became uninhabitable as oxygen levels continued to drop. When aquifers withered away, wealthy countries learned to melt the ice caps for drinkable water, but their overzealous efforts led to flooding that devastated island nations.

It wasn’t the apocalypse, but it was close. Scientists predicted a societal collapse within two centuries and the end of humanity within the millennium.

In a flurry of activity, world leaders instituted a program aimed at discovering a new habitable planet. Space shuttles launched into space, each equipped with a team of twenty. Each team was promised unimaginable wealth should they find a new planet on which humans could live.

The world leaders called this plan GoldSpace.


Space Pirate – Playable first alpha level (all features in) – Indie DB


This is a private project which i have been working on in my spare time for a couple of years. Launch will be end 2018.


It's a one man show (game design, art, programming, music, sound effetcs, storytelling) with some art outsourced.