Restrospect 2012

December 22, 2012 at 10:11 am / by

Ladies and gentlemen!

2012 has been a very exciting and also very busy year!

I have been working with my full passion on a new game at Wooga (as you can see on the picture). It is an story driven adventure game and will be out early spring 2013. I will post information as soon as it’s live in one country.

Find an interesting year summary on the Wooga blog if you are interested in more news from Wooga.

Beside that i finished my an new album which i have not released yet. I have to admit that my focus has been clearly on game design this year. I want to produce some remixes before sharing the album to the public. Get a preview for the mabafu album here:

Meanwhile check out the Mixtape i posted earlier this year if you still need some relaxing music for the next days.

I also worked on a top down space adventure shooter in my spare time. This is a private project just for the fun and learning.
The player needs to stop huge spaceships from crushing into planet earth.
It has very light rpg elements and runs in realtime. I scripted most of the needed feature already and have to start now on level design and sound design.
I will share a prototype end January.

Here is a screen of it but have in mind that i did not work on the graphics yet.

That said…have a fantastic Xmas and a happy new year!
See you 2013,






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