2017 summer update

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New music:
I have not done much lately because i worked on Space Pirate when ever i could beside releasing Mixtapes once in a while. I am still collecting ideas for a possible new album but that will not happen before 2018 or 2019. A new album will happen at a certain point.

Space Pirate:
I am working my way through the content of the game. Doing level by level. Painting, animating, coding, designing. All based on the framework of a written storyline. The progress is steady and i am happy with it. I still aim for end of this year to be kind of finished. Half of the levels are designed and i am fine tuning them. I still have to paint and code a lot of NPC’s but i first want to get the levels done and see if the ideas of levels work. Each level should have a unique little element which surprises the player.

The tonality of the game is not a twin stick shooter anymore. There are much more calmer parts with visual storytelling. I decreased the times you are a combat situation even though the combat system is fun. Rather focus on challenges in between.
The look feel got also a bit more “serious”. A bit. Mainly because my pixel art skills improved and also because it suits the story and feel better.

Example blob (left early version – right current version):


How would i time box this project?
First postings go back to January 2014. I would consider 2014-2016 as learning Stencyl, learning how to set up system which scale (very important), learning pixel art basics, learning animation and advancing pacing in level design. I started 2017 working on the real content, having found a writer which works with me. I always considered writing as one of the most important skills which i could not cover good enough.

Still planned for 2017 and i dont see why this should not happen.

June’s Journey:

June’s Journey will be out fall of this year. It is another game by Wooga’s Adventure Studio. More updates soon!

Have a great summer!



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