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PostSliderGDCI will be talking together with Adam Telfer at Game Developers Conference in San Francsicso in March 2015 where i will share a lot of learnings from Pearl’s Peril and the new game (see above). The talk will have a heavy focus in storytelling in Frre-2-Play. Adam will focus on Long term retention in general. Check out his blog to read more about his work and thoughts.


Today’s mobile games market is tough. With thousands of new titles being available to download every week and CPIs rising high, new game concepts need to stand out. But even more importantly, they need to stay relevant for a long time. Long-term retention is the key for having a realistic shot at the top-grossing ranks of the app stores. In the first part of this talk, attendees will learn how mobile game developer Wooga evaluates new IP to ensure a long-lasting gameplay experience. The second half will show one example of how storytelling and episodic content can drive long-term retention. Sebastian will share insights and learnings from Wooga’s projects in episodic content production and how to best set up your team for the ride.


Attendees will see, through examples of previous Wooga prototypes, what some of pitfalls and warnings signs are for F2P games with poor long-term retention. Using the example of producing a story-driven F2P game, they will learn about how episodic content can help with keeping long-term retention up, and what it takes to produce a content-heavy hidden object game for mobile.

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