Dialektik Optimal was a crossover band founded in 1996 in Hofheim am Taunus/Germany in which I played bass guitar and did vocals in one song. You might be surprised by the genre but it was a huge passion for me and i still love bands like Dub War which mix dub and reggae vibes with a lot energy.

The genre was a mix of crossover and experimental elements using loops from a sampler all in German with a Hessian accent. The band was part of a very healthy music movement that was very inspirational in the whole Rhein-Main area. Playing concerts in and around Frankfurt with bands like Dreadmaxx the band recorded one official album in June 1999. Unfortunately, there are many more not well-recorded songs that have been written and performed. The lyrics centered around the topics which occupied us at the time picking up a lot of pop cultural references with a good amount of irony.

The band split up around the year 2000 and some members moved to new projects while i started writing downbeat/trip-hop songs which let to “music for sunrises”.

Check out the self-titled album Dialektik Optimal here.

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